FSU Alumni Association

President Job Description


  • Suggested—1-2 year(s), otherwise determined by individual Seminole Club bylaws.
  • President will become past president after completion of term


  • 3-6 hours per month, with greater time commitment surrounding event seasons
  • Seminole Club board meetings (monthly/quarterly/as scheduled)
  • Committee meetings attendance (as needed)
  • Regular telephone and e-mail communication with Seminole Club staff liaison

Position Requirements:

  • Current member of the FSU Alumni Association
  • Serve as a positive representative for the Alumni Association and Florida State University

Preferred Skills and Experience:

  • Exceptional interpersonal skills
  • Strong communication and public speaking
  • Project management/organization
  • Task delegation
  • Experience working with and leading volunteers
  • Board management experience would be helpful

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Presides at all Seminole Club board meetings
    • Appoint standing and special committees
    • Provide leadership and direction to Seminole Club board
      • General:
        • Lead board in developing annual plan and establish goals for the year
          • Create calendar with timelines for each project
          • Ensure each project has a lead with accountability for deadlines
        • Schedule board meetings
          • Solicit agenda items and distribute final agenda in advance of meeting
        • Assign responsibilities for individual duties or events and follow-up on progress
        • Ensure constitution and bylaws are followed
        • Serve as chief ambassador of Florida State University to alumni and local community
        • Make sure top four board members have signed and submitted the code of conduct agreement and encourage all board members to do the same
        • Serve as primary contact for local alumni
    • Communication:
      • Maintain regular contact with Seminole Club staff liaison
        • Make every effort possible to represent the Seminole Club at the annual leadership conference and encourage other board members to attend
      • Maintain regular communication with officers and committee chairs and set meetings
        • Work with leadership to ensure continuity across board
    • Administrative:
      • Submit minutes, annual required documents and photographs to Seminole Club staff liaison
      • Sign off on biannual financial reporting
      • Record all pertinent information for successor
  2. Support Seminole Club events and programs throughout the year
  3. Act as resource for officers and volunteers on the board