FSU Alumni Association

Treasurer Job Description


  • Suggested—1-2 year(s), otherwise determined by individual Seminole Club bylaws.


  • 2-5 hours per month, with greater time commitment surrounding football season and biannual financial reporting to the FSU Alumni Association
  • Seminole Club board meetings (monthly/quarterly/as scheduled)
  • Committee meetings attendance (as needed)

Position Requirements:

  • Current member of either the FSU Alumni Association or Seminole Boosters
  • Clean credit history, applicant may be subject to background check

Preferred Skills and Experience:

  • Budget management
  • Strong organizational and time management skills
  • Detail oriented
  • Familiarity with QuickBooks not required but beneficial

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Active participation in Seminole Club board meetings
    • Serve as financial manager of Seminole Clubs
      • Assist in preparation of all club budgets
      • Help manage club's bank account
        • Deposit money from events and fundraisers
        • Withdrawal for bills, scholarship payments, etc.
      • Receives and process receipts from admission at group events
        • Work with event organizers to establish reduced rate for club (FSU Alumni Association or Seminole Booster) members
      • Ensure timely payment of all bills incurred by the group
      • Provide monthly financial updates at board meetings
      • Prepare biannual financial reports to be submitted to the FSU Alumni Association, no later than January 15 (mid-year) and July 8 (end of year)
  2. Support Seminole Club events and programs throughout the year