FSU Alumni Association

Vice President Job Description


  • Suggested—1-2 year(s), otherwise determined by individual Seminole Club bylaws.
  • Vice president traditionally ascends to president after 1-2 year term


  • 1-3 hours per month
  • Alumni chapter board meetings (monthly/quarterly/as scheduled)
  • Committee meetings (as needed)

Position Requirements:

  • Current member of the FSU Alumni Association
  • Serve as a positive representative for the Alumni Association and Florida State University

Preferred Skills and Experience:

  • Strong communication and public speaking skills
  • Project management/organization
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills
  • Task delegation

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Active participation in Seminole Club board meetings
    • Oversee the transition of leadership of Seminole Club Board
      • General:
        • Preside over meetings in president’s absence
        • Oversee any committee assignments
        • Shadow president
          • Be aware of ongoing projects and events and understand the role of the president in planning and executing these programs
      • Communications: Monitor and manage club's e-mail address to develop comprehension of volume of inquiries and how they are being addressed (be sure to have a clear understanding of who is responsible for responding to messages to avoid duplication of efforts or lack of response)
  2. Encourage local constituents to become FSU Alumni Association members
  3. Support Seminole Club events and programs throughout the year