FSU Alumni Association

Volunteer Recruiter


  • One year


  • 1-3 hours per month
  • Seminole Club board meetings (monthly/quarterly/as scheduled)
  • Applicable committee meetings attendance (as needed)

Position Requirements:

  • Current member of either the FSU Alumni Association or Seminole Boosters
  • Ability to coordinate diverse group of volunteers

Preferred Skills and Experience:

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Project management/organization
  • Task delegation
  • Experience in volunteer recruitment and conflict resolution

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Act as resource for all board and committee volunteers
    • Coordinate with president and chairs to develop effective recruitment and retention strategies for committee volunteers
      • When volunteers are needed, meet with those responsible for recruiting them to review the job description and the characteristics of the ideal candidate for the position
        • Be sure that when recruiting a volunteer, you are recruiting someone who is passionate about the responsibility
        • Ensure all new volunteers are given appropriate orientation to their role and the organization
      • Develop mechanisms to recognize volunteers for their service
        • Feature their photo and a description of their work in a newsletter or on the website
        • Present them with a token of appreciation at a Seminole Club event
        • Send thank you notes after successful completion of project (hand-written suggested)
      • Assist in conflict resolution when needed
        • Ensure there are clear expectations on both the part of the committee chair and the volunteer
        • Do not take sides in the argument, but rather represent the best interests of the Seminole Club and how to work through the challenge at hand
  2. Support Seminole Club and events throughout the year