FSU Alumni Association

Leadership Week

Leadership Week


From July 24th-31st, the Alumni Association will release one video a day designed to provide updates, guidance, policy, tips, and tricks for both new and veteran Leaders alike. Be sure to join us this Saturday, July 31st, to follow up with questions and say hello!



Q&A with Julie Decker, Alumni Association President & CEO


Social Media with Sarah Gray (B.S. '20)


Q& A with Whitney Powers (B.S. '09)


Membership with Renita Smith (B.S. '07, M.S. '08)


Financials with Francesca Pusateri (B.S. '21)


Branding with Katie Pugh (B.S. '06)


Leadership Week Wrap Up with Keith Cottrell (B.S. '00, M.S. '02)