FSU Alumni Association

A Message From FSU Alumni Association President & CEO

Dear Class of 2020:


The events of this spring semester are unprecedented and will not be forgotten. Much like the rest of us, you certainly have many lingering questions about the remainder of your time at Florida State University. Your questions will be resolved. I have no doubt because we have the best academic leaders in the country. This I know for sure.

As we continue to process our current reality and what this “new reality” may mean for May, you will not be forgotten, Class of 2020. You will not be a footnote in the history of our institution. In fact, there are only a few like you – those classes who have been called to war or entered a great economic recession. Like them, you will carry the torch into the world and make it a little brighter for those following in your footsteps.

What I know for sure is that you – Class of 2020 – have the entire Seminole alumni network ready to welcome you. A family like no other. A welcome and “join us, you belong here” like no other. Try as we might, we know we cannot make up for memories and cherished moments lost in the coming months; however, we will embrace and connect you for the rest of your life. The Seminole family is resilient, strong, welcoming, and all-encompassing. And we are here for you.

There is a lot unknown right now, and that is an uneasy feeling for all. But if you can know anything for sure, please know that Florida State, the FSU Alumni Association and the Seminole Clubs (your alumni network around the world) are here for you and will celebrate you in big and small ways for years to come.

Stay in touch and lean on us. Seminoles. Forever.

Julie Decker Cheney


FSU Alumni Association