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Grads Made Good


At the annual Homecoming Awards Breakfast, the FSU Alumni Association recognizes the accomplishments of notable alumni and faculty who have secured their place in the history of Florida State University by pushing boundaries and redefining standards within their respective fields. The awards presented at the Homecoming Awards Breakfast include the FSU Alumni Association’s Bernard F. Sliger Award, the FSU Alumni Association and Omicron Delta Kappa’s Grads Made Good Awards, the Garnet and Gold Key’s Ross Oglesby Award and the Friends of the Florida State University Libraries Alumni Award for Distinguished Writing.


Applications for the 2017 Grads Made Good are currently closed. Applications are typically available in spring; award recipients are notified in summer.


2016 Grads Made Good

The 2016 Grads Made Good were honored at the Homecoming Awards Breakfast

in Tallahassee, Fla. on Saturday, October 15.


Marion Hargett (B.S. '93)

Senior vice president of Olympics and Olympics and Sports Sales for NBC Owned Television Stations.


Montego Glover (B.F.A. '96)

Made Broadway debut in "The Color Purple".


Craig Nance (B.S. '91, M.S. '94)

Supervisor at the McDonald Observatory in West Texas.


More than 100 graduates of Florida State University have been recognized as Grads Made Good, a Homecoming awards program honoring alumni who have made a significant difference through outstanding success in their chosen fields.


The Florida State University Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK), which originated the program in 1974, joins forces with the FSU Alumni Association to co-present Grads Made Good each fall during Homecoming weekend.


The criteria for the awards are as follows:

  1. Hold an earned bachelor's or graduate degree from this institution
  2. Have been in their career field at least five years
  3. Have accomplishments recognized at national/international level
  4. Must be able to attend the event
  5. Must not be employed by Florida State University


A complete nomination includes:

  1. Nomination form
    Please provide accurate and current information for the nominee and nominator.
  2. Statement of nomination
    Please provide a statement of nomination describing why you feel this individual should be considered for this award, including any known involvement related to FSU since graduation.
  3. At least two letters of support
    A completed nomination will include at least two Letters of Support. A strong nomination will contain at least one letter from a respected colleague in the nominee's area of professional distinction, and a second letter from a current dean, chair or colleague from Florida State University.


To apply, nominators are responsible for submitting the following documentation:

  1. Completing the nomination form
  2. Writing and submitting the statement of nomination
  3. Compiling and submitting the letters of support


Nominations are typically accepted online in Spring of each year.
Please return to this web page for more information.


*Please note: Nominations are kept active with the Grads Made Good selection committee for three years. If your nominee is not selected in the original year nominated, you may update any piece of their information to strengthen the nomination. Three years from the original nomination date, you must resubmit the nomination form in order to reactivate your nomination.

If you have any questions, please contact Laura Osteen, ODK faculty secretary, at 850.644.3342 or osteen@fsu.edu.


  • 1974

    Honorable Reubin O ’D. Askew (B.S. ’51) d
    Dr. H. Richard Blieden (Ph.D. ’62)
    Thomas M. Hall (B.M. ’64, M.M. ’66)

  • 1975

    Ney C. Landrum (B.A. ’52, M.A. ’56)
    Dr. Sean Patrick McGlynn (Ph.D. ’56)
    Al (Albert L. Smelko) Stratton (’60)

  • 1976

    Dr. Aubrey K. Lucas (Ph.D. ’66)
    Dr. David Ward-Steinman (B.M. ’57)
    Robert M. Urich (B.A. ’68) d

  • 1977

    Dr. Jacqueline L. DuPont (B.S. ’55, Ph.D. ’62)
    James B. Tippin, Jr. (B.S. ’50)
    Philip G. Boggs (B.S. ’71) d  

  • 1978

    Dr. Neil L. Frank (M.S. ’59, Ph.D. ’70)
    Dr. Virginia Spencer Carr (B.A. ’51, Ph.D. ’69) d
    William O. Cullom (B.S. ’58)

  • 1979

    Sister Mary Michelle (Patricia E.) Carroll (B.S. ’44)
    Maj Gen Norma Elaine Brown (B.S. ’49) d
    Justice Alan C. Sundberg (B.S. ’55) d  

  • 1980

    Sir Jack D. L. Holmes, PhD, OIC (B.A. ’52) d
    Bishop Marjorie S. Matthews (M.A. ’71, Ph.D. ’76) d
    James C. Smith (B.S. ’62)  

  • 1981

    Dr. Mostafa F. El-Sayed (Ph.D. ’59)
    Dr. Jane Srygley Mouton (M.S. ’51) d
    General William H. Ginn, Jr. (B.A. ’58) d  

  • 1982

    Arnold T. Diaz (B.A. ’71)
    Dr. Mark S. Wrighton (B.S. ’69)
    Herbert F. Morgan (B.S. ’66) d  

  • 1983

    Charles G. Rex (B.M. ’71, M.M. ’72)
    Cynthia G. Taylor (M.S. ’76)
    Dr. Norman Earl Thagard (B.S. ’65, M.S. ’66)  

  • 1984

    Dr. Orrin H. Pilkey, Jr. (Ph.D. ’62)
    Stephen J. Rothman (B.S. ’72, M.F.A. ’74)
    Brigadier General Michael K. Sheridan (B.S. ’56)  

  • 1985

    Richard D. “Dick" Howser (B.S. ’58) d
    Dr. Willis W. Tyrrell, Jr. (B.S. ’52)
    Dr. Douglas M. Windham (B.A. ’64, M.A. ’67, Ph.D. ’69) d  

  • 1986

    Dr. Sylvia A. Earle (B.S. ’55)
    Dr. Raul P. deGuzman (M.S. ’55, Ph.D. ’57)
    Maj Gen Winfield S. (Scott) Harpe (B.S. ’59) d  

  • 1987

    Dr. A. Hugh Adams (B.S. ’50, M.S. ’56, Ed.D. ’62) d
    John J. (Joe) Gangloff (B.S. ’65)
    Mary Anne Loughlin (B.S. ’77)  

  • 1988

    Dr. Joseph W. Cullen (Ph.D. ’68) d
    Thomas M. Culligan (B.A. ’73, M.P.A. ’77)
    Dr. Howard L. Simmons (Ph.D. ’75)  

  • 1989

    James L. Massey (B.S. ’65)
    Gayle Sierens Martin (B.S. ’76)
    Henry Polic, II (B.A. ’67, M.A. ’69)  

  • 1990

    Davis P. Gaines (B.A. ’76)
    Dr. Clyda Stokes Rent (B.A. ’64, M.S. ’66, Ph.D. ’68)
    Dr. Isabel Wood Rogers (B.A. ’45)  

  • 1991

    Admiral Paul D. Miller (B.S. ’63)
    Dr. Alan R. Price (B.S. ’64)
    Dr. Betty L. Siegel (Ph.D. ’61)  

  • 1992

    Jennifer L. Howse (B.A. ’66, M.A. ’68)
    Robert L. Ward (B.A. ’71)
    William F. “Woody” Woodward (B.S. ’66, M.S. ’70)  

  • 1993

    Dr. A. Blanton Godfrey (M.S. ’70, Ph.D. ’74)
    Judy Patton Lotas (B.A. ’64)
    Ellen Taaffe Zwilich (B.M. ’60, M.M. ’62)  

  • 1994

    Dr. Gwynn Collins Akin (B.S. ’61)
    Lt. Gen. Charles J. Cunningham, Jr. (B.S. ’57)
    Dr. Robert “Bud” Grace (B.S. ’65, Ph.D. ’71)  

  • 1995

    Dr. Michael G. Berenbaum (Ph.D. ’75)
    Antonio Busalacchi, Jr. (B.S. ’77, M.S. ’80, Ph.D. ’82)
    Linda Zoghby (B.M. ’71, M.M. ’74)  

  • 1996

    Clifford L. Freeman (B.S. ’63)
    Dr. Robert C. Harriss (B.S. ’62)
    J. Bailey White (B.S. ’73)  

  • 1997

    Monsignor William A. Kerr (M.S. ’73, Ph.D. ’75)
    Carolyn A. O ’Neil (B.S. ’76)
    Willa Jo Zollar (M.F.A. ’79)  

  • 1998

    Mark S. Ellis (B.S. ’79, J.D. ’84)
    Barbara S. Harris (B.S. ’78)
    Douglas W. Marlette (B.S. ’71) d  

  • 1999

    Cdr. Douglas J. Allen (B.S. ’76)
    Winston E. Scott (B.M.E. ’72)
    Janet L. Stoner (B.S. ’70, M.S. ’72)
    Charlotte West (B.S. ’54)  

  • 2000

    Dr. Larry H. Crow (B.S. ’66, M.S. ’67, Ph.D. ’67)
    Carolyn Spencer Griner (B.S. ’67)
    Lt. Gen. Kenneth A. Minihan (B.A. ’66)  

  • 2001

    E. L. (Chip) Chalmers (B.F.A. ’76)
    Dr. Paul Robinson (Ph.D. ’67)
    Dr. Suzan Zeder (Ph.D. ’78)  

  • 2002

    Janice Huff (B.S. ’82)
    Lynda Keever (B.A. ’69)
    Hansel E. Tookes, II (B.S. ’69)  

  • 2003

    Mel R. Martinez (B.A. ’69, J.D. ’73)
    Dr. Diane Roberts (B.A. ’79, M.A. ’80)
    H. James Towey (B.S. ’78, J.D. ’81)  

  • 2004

    Raymond G. Hemann (Deceased) (B.S. ’57)
    Vice Admiral Gordon S. Holder (B.M.E. ’68)
    Reverend Glenda B. Hope (B.A. ’58)  

  • 2005

    James L. Bacchus (J.D. ’78)
    Dr. M. Dianne Murphy (Ph.D. ’80)
    R. Eugene Taylor (B.S. ’89)  

  • 2006

    Laird B. Anderson (B.S. ’58)
    Max Mayfield (M.S. ’87)
    Peter F. Romero (B.S. ’71, M.A. ’72)
    Steven L. Sears (B.A. ’80)  

  • 2007

    William D. Clay (B.A. ’71, M.S. ’74)
    Charlie Crist (B.S. ’78)
    Marvalene Hughes (Ph.D. ’69)
    Mark H. Thiemens (Ph.D. ’77)  

  • 2008

    Jonathan G. King (M.F.A. ’92)
    Neil H. McKee (M.S. ’88)
    Kathleen Parker (B.A. ’73, M.A. ’76)  

  • 2009

    Carol J. Cooper (B.S. ’73, M.S. ’76, J.D. ’77)
    Manuel H. Johnson (M.S. ’75, Ph.D. ’77)
    Barry V. Qualls (B.A. ’67)  

  • 2010

    Lt. General Franklin L. “Frank” Hagenbeck (M.S. ’78)
    Dr. James H. Oliver, Jr. (M.S. ’54)  

  • 2011

    Susan Hassmiller (B.S. ’77, M.S. ’79)
    Mike Pate (B.S. ’68)  

  • 2012

    Senator Bob Johnson (B.S. ’58)  
    John Osterlund (M.S. ’90)    

  • 2013

    Judy Bense (B.A. ’67, M.S. ’69)
    Jimi Cook (B.S. ’88)
    Meg Crofton (B.S. ’74, M.B.A. ’75)  

  • 2014

    Randy Hanna (J.D. ’83)  
    Gail Skofronick-Jackson (B.S. ’86)  
    John Thiel (B.S. ’83)    

  • 2015

    Dale Burton (Ph.D. ’81)  
    Wendy Clark (B.A. ’91)  
    Rodney Hero (B.S. ’75)  
    J. Marshall Shepherd (B.S. ’91, M.S. ’93, Ph.D. ’99)  

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