FSU Alumni Association

A Message to our Members



Thank you for your longtime support of the FSU Alumni Association. Florida State University is excited to announce that all graduates are now members of the FSU Alumni Association!

Beginning July 1, 2023, the Alumni Association will eliminate membership dues. This change aligns our efforts with those of the university, enhances our focus to engage and encourages more alumni to stay connected with and experience all that FSU has to offer.


Watch to learn about the FSU Alumni Association Membership Expansion.


Frequently Asked Questions


About the Expansion

All graduates of Florida State University are now members of the FSU Alumni Association. The Alumni Association will no longer require membership fees or dues payments. However, the structure, purpose and function of the Alumni Association remain the same. We help graduates and friends stay connected with Florida State University.
We have decided to welcome all FSU graduates as members of the Alumni Association to better serve our entire alumni base of almost 400,000 living alumni around the world.
If you’re a graduate of Florida State University, then you are a member of the Alumni Association without any dues payment needed. If you would like to get involved in alumni clubs, networks, events or programming, let us know at alumni@fsu.edu or call 850.644.2671.
As part of the Division of University Advancement at Florida State, the Association will continue its mission to advance our university's greatness while enriching the lives of alumni and friends. Our ability to provide our members with meaningful programming, events and resources will not change. In fact, we expect to be better than ever!

Membership Types

The value of your membership has not changed, and you still retain all of your benefits. Plus, your membership dues, paid prior to July 1, 2023, support student success!
Auto-renewals for annual donors have ended, and no further action is necessary. If you would like us to reactivate your automatic deductions as annual charitable gifts to the Seminoles Forever Fund, supporting the programs and outreach of the Alumni Association, we are happy to assist! Just let us know at alumni@fsu.edu or call 850.644.2671.
Our valued Life Members will retain their special place of distinction as foundational supporters of the FSU Alumni Association. The Alumni Association is grateful for your support and committed to continue creating special opportunities to honor and recognize our Life Members. Information about our continued commitment was sent to Life Members via mail and email. If you did not receive it, please let us know at alumni@fsu.edu or 850.644.2761. We will ensure you receive this important communication.
As the largest student organization on campus, the Student Alumni Association (SAA) will remain committed to developing the future leaders of FSU. While there are no longer dues, the structure, purpose, and function of the SAA remain the same. If you have questions about membership in SAA, please let us know here. Learn how to get involved here!
Stay updated on our programs and events by filling out this form: alumni.fsu.edu/contact-information. Non-graduates who make a minimum annual gift of $100 to the Seminoles Forever Fund may be considered friends of the FSU Alumni Association and have access to Alumni Association Benefits.


You will still have access to a variety of benefits through the Alumni Association. Some benefits, like travel, will remain the same. Others will be enhanced, such as professional development and networking opportunities. All alumni are now eligible to receive 10% off at the FSU Bookstore on merchandise and gifts! Make sure we have your correct contact information, so you never miss an update regarding your benefits. Update your information and access your bookstore discount code by logging into oneFSU.
Yes! The magazine will still be available to read both in print and online.
All members will have access to free shipping on our Rewards Zone website through June 30, 2024. Please make sure you get your items before the offer expires! You can access Rewards Zone here: gonol.es/shop.
Your current benefits will not be affected. Third-party benefits and discounts currently provided to all alumni through official partnerships (i.e., Liberty Mutual, Bank of America, Mercer, Meyer & Associates etc.) will continue.
There are many benefits to being a member of our Alumni Association, including: networking with university faculty, alumni and supporting student leadership is the primary benefit of Alumni Association involvement. The FSU Alumni Association will continue to engage our almost 400,000 alumni to stay connected through a variety of programs, events and services. The more you are involved, the greater the benefit to you and Florida State. You can also access a variety of services and benefits like travel and discounts! Learn more about it here.


The Alumni Association will continue to rely heavily on the active involvement of Alumni Association volunteers. Clubs and Chapters will continue to host events, volunteer in their communities and actively increase overall alumni engagement and opportunities for engagement with FSU. Find your club here.
Yes! Our membership expansion allows us to host events in Tallahassee and also in other areas of Florida and across the United States. The Association will continue to introduce new events and strengthen our current programming to allow us to better assist in the university's annual giving efforts.
You can subscribe or resubscribe by filling out this form: resubscribe. Be sure to confirm your subscription once you receive the opt-in email. If you are still not getting emails after subscribing, check your oneFSU account under “Email Preferences” and make sure you haven’t opted out of all email communications.


Yes! You may give a gift to any area of FSU you wish. To directly support the FSU Alumni Association, we ask your gift be directed to the Seminoles Forever Fund. Make a gift today at gonol.es/SeminolesForever.
Yes! We invite you to make an annual gift to the Seminoles Forever Fund which supports the Alumni Association’s programming and outreach for students and alumni.
Yes! If you’re a graduate of Florida State University, then you are automatically a member of the FSU Alumni Association.