FSU Alumni Association

National Board of Directors

The National Board of Directors is the chief governing body of the FSU Alumni Association, representing the interests of the association’s members and constituents. The Board of Directors has the responsibility to ensure the success of the association through the approval of an annual budget, setting policy, following the Strategic Plan, providing input, guidance, oversight and expertise.



Executive Committee

Samuel S. Ambrose
B.S. ’91, M.S. ’92, Chair

B. Dan Berger
B.S. ’89, Chair Elect

Scott Wiegand
B.A. '90, Vice Chair

Dazi Lenoir
B.S. '02, M.S. '03, Secretary

Jeanne Curtin
B.S. '92, MBA '99, J.D. '01, Treasurer

Max Oligario
B.S. ’99, Immediate Past Chair

Tom Jennings
FSU Presidential Designee

Kyle R. Doney
B.S. ’07, Board of Trustees Chair Designee

Julie Decker
President and CEO, FSU Alumni Association

Maura Hayes
B.S. '82, At-Large Member

Jeanne Miller
J.D. '95, At-Large Member

Directors At-Large

Kevin Adams
B.S. '94

Les Akers
B.S. '73

Melinda Benton
B.S. '77, M.S. '78

Javier Borges
B.S. ’97

Jeff Boykins
B.S. '92, M.S. '93

Stephen T. Brown
B.S. '68

Kenneth Cagnolatti
President - Student Alumni Association

Staci Cross
B.S. '04

John Crossman
B.S. '93

Susan Delgado
B.S. ’91, M.S. ’92

Michael G. Griffith
B.S. ’76

Ritesh Gupta
B.S. '98

Jennifer Guy-Hudson
B.S. ’97

Zach Heng
B.S. '07

Cecil Howard
B.S. ’81

Clay Ingram
B.S. '00

Ben McKay
B.S. ’91

Bruce McNeilage
B.S. '88

Colleen Dean Miller
B.S. ’02

Rose M. Naff
B.S. '80

Joe Paul
B.S. ’02

Laura Russell
B.S. '05

Anne Smith
B.S. ’87

Joshua Tyler
B.S. '02

Charee L. Williams
B.S. '06, President - Black Alumni Association

K. Allisson Yu
B.S. ’00