FSU Alumni Association

FSU Alumni Association History


In May 1909, twenty graduates from the newly created Florida State College for Women established the FSCW Alumni Association. Later in 1920, the first Alumni Club was formed in New York City. Alumnae living throughout Florida followed suit, creating "Flastacowo" clubs in their hometowns, providing the foundation for today's Seminole Club network.

During the Association's early years, interested volunteers handled the necessary work until 1929 when the services of a part-time executive secretary were required. Alumni activities dramatically increased, and a full-time secretary was employed in1930.

In 1947, Florida State University was established, creating a new co-educational institution. Soon, additional athletics teams were created. In response, the Alumni Association launched Seminole Boosters, Inc. in an effort to provide private support for the Athletic Department. This organization would remain under the umbrella of the Alumni Association until 1974.

During its early years, the Association was located in the Longmire Alumni Building, named for Miss Rowena Longmire, the first executive director. As FSU continued to grow, so did Alumni Association activities and services, including the formation of the Seminole Club network, the Emeriti Society and the 50-year Class Reunions. The Alumni Association eventually outgrew the Longmire Building and relocated to the University Center in February 1997.

In 2004, the Alumni Association moved into an Alumni Center encompassing a remodeled Colonial-style home, which served as the residence for eight past FSU presidents, and a facility housing staff offices, conference rooms and a grand ballroom. The new Alumni Center is adjacent to campus on West Tennessee Street and still remains to be the home of the FSU Alumni Association today.

The year, 2009, marked The Florida State University Alumni Association's 100th anniversary. This great moment in the Association's history was celebrated by hosting 100 events throughout the 2009 year. These 100 events included a time capsule dedication. In honor of the 100th anniversary the classes of 1952, 1953, 1954, 1956 and 1959 donated items for the time capsule, which will remain underground in the Alumni Center Courtyard until the year 2109- the Alumni Association's 200th anniversary.


Our Mission

Advancing our university's greatness while enriching the lives of the Seminole family.

Our Vision

To unite the Seminole family and advance FSU's position among the nation's top public universities.

Our Values

  • Tradition
  • Leadership
  • Family
  • Spirit
  • Greatness