FSU Alumni Association

The Alumni Ambassadors Award

Today’s students become tomorrow’s leaders. The development of future leaders is a priority of the FSU Alumni Association National Board of Directors, which recognizes that leadership is inspired by an outstanding educational experience. To that end, the Board has established the Alumni Ambassadors Award, which will financially support the process of leadership development.

The Ambassadors Award Committee seeks students with demonstrated commitment, vision, and potential for lifelong leadership and innovation in their communities and the world. Awards may be granted to current junior, senior or graduate students enrolled at Florida State University and may be used at the student’s discretion for academic expenses such as research projects and costs associated, including travel.



  • Award applicants must be a current junior, senior or graduate student in good standing at Florida State University.
  • Applicants must submit a completed application prior to the published deadline to be considered for an award.

Selection Criteria

  • Written essays (prompts are included on the application)
  • Academic merit as determined by current GPA
  • In-person presentation to the Ambassadors Award Committee (top 3-5 finalists will be invite to present)

Important Dates

  • November 1, 2022 - Applications Open
  • December 2, 2022 - Applications Close
  • January - Finalist Invited to Interview with Selection Committee
  • March - Recipients Notified
  • April - Recipients Announced at the Spring Alumni Awards ceremony


Donations in support of the Ambassadors Scholarship program may be made online or via mail (please indicate the gift designation as Ambassadors Award or fund F08335S).



Jane Benoit– College of Arts and Sciences
Ms. Benoit is a 3rd year Ph.D. candidate in the Cell and Molecular Biology program. Her current focus is understanding how DNA packaging in human cells is altered during viral infections and innate immune stimulation, with special interest in SARS-CoV-2.She is also a teaching assistant and serves as a steering member of the departmental Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee.


Kristina Lynch (B.S. ’21) – College of Health and Human Sciences
Ms. Lynch is completing her master's degree in Exercise Physiology with plans to go to medical school and become an orthopedic surgeon and research scientist dedicated to utilizing stem cells to treat neurological diseases. She is a two-time National Champion on the FSU Women’s Soccer Team and is a member of the Student-Athlete Leadership Council.


The Alumni Ambassadors program is funded by gifts to the FSU Alumni Association by current and former members of the National Board of Directors.

For more information about the Alumni Ambassadors Award program, contact us at 850.644.2761 or events@alumni.fsu.edu.

We thank our donors for their support:

  • Blythe and Lynn Adreon
  • El and Kathleen Ahlwardt
  • Scott Atwell
  • Nancy Hart Battaglia
  • Cheryl and Howard Beckert
  • B. Dan Berger
  • Bruce and Julie Blackwell
  • Flecia L. Braswell
  • David K. Brobst
  • Raymond and Stella Cottrell
  • Robert and Stacie Cox
  • John and Angela Crossman
  • Hugo and Mary de Beaubien
  • Tracie M. Domino
  • Sandra and David Dunbar
  • Wayne and Mary Edwards
  • Mark Ellis
  • Dale and Toots Greene
  • Michael Griffith
  • Marty and Cheryl Hall
  • Tom Haney
  • Maura Hayes
  • Jeff Hill
  • Mark and Nan Hillis
  • Lee F. Hinkle
  • Tom and Leonor Hynes
  • Betty Lou & Jim Joanos
  • Samantha G. Klaff
  • Maury and Diana Kolchakian
  • Craig and Mitzi Lynch
  • Bruce W. McNeilage
  • Phil and Linda O'Connell
  • Max Oligario
  • Michael Raymond
  • Laurel Richardson
  • Laura Russell
  • Guy and Delores Spearman
  • Marion Taormina Hargett
  • Heather Turner
  • Gene and Ginny Walden
  • Scott Wiegand


The FSU Alumni Association awards the Legacy Scholarship annually, and additional opportunities may be available through your local Seminole Club or Chapter.

Past recipients

"The Alumni Association’s overwhelming generosity is evidence of FSU’s commitment to developing leaders and inspiring progressive thinking— a legacy left by alumni who came before me. Receiving the Alumni Ambassador Award is an empowering opportunity to define my FSU legacy. This award enables me to further purse my innovative research interests, expand my science outreach, and engage marine stewards from Tallahassee and around the globe."

- 2019 Recipient Abbey Engleman

“It has been a great privilege for me to come to FSU and pursue doctoral studies, and I am grateful to receive this award from the FSU Alumni Association. Being able to serve as an FSU Alumni Ambassador is beyond what I could have imagined, just like nobody in my village has believed that I would be able to go to college, not even to say attending graduate school outside of my home country.”

Min Wang

“I feel incredibly honored and thankful to receive such amazing support from the FSU Alumni Association. For the past four years, Florida State has reliably managed to exceed my every expectation with regard to the generosity and intentionality of its investment in its students. This award means a great deal to me, and I look forward to future opportunities to support future Seminoles who are determined to develop solutions to the world’s difficult and urgent problems.”

Alexander Bell