FSU Alumni Association

Brick FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Unless otherwise stated as part of a special promotion, it could take up to six months to install your brick, depending on when it was purchased. If you included a rush order on your brick, your brick will be installed within two months. You will be contacted once the brick has been installed.
As a courtesy, we are happy to accept requests for a specific area of the plaza. We will do our best to accommodate these requests, but we cannot guarantee a specific brick location. To request that your brick be installed in a certain area of the plaza, please place your order online and then e-mail the location request to westcottbricks@fsu.edu.
Please note that we will not move a brick previously installed to accommodate a new brick unless you purchased all bricks involved.
We cannot reserve bricks in advance. If you would like to purchase a brick now for inscription later, you will need to submit a placeholder inscription to be inscribed on the brick now. You can later pay a replacement fee to have the inscription changed.
Yes, you can. You will need to pay a $50 replacement fee to replace your brick. You can do so by calling the FSU Alumni Association at 850-644-2761.
Yes! We have an electronic certificate we can e-mail you. Please send a request for an electronic certificate to westcottbricks@fsu.edu. We also offer a card, similar to a greeting card, at no additional cost that you can give to your brick recipient. You can request that a card be mailed to you by e-mailing westcottbricks@fsu.edu.
No. We will only contact the purchaser of a brick regarding the transaction and installation. If you purchase a special package containing a membership and a brick, the gift recipient will receive information regarding their membership but not the brick.
The replica tile is created at the same time as the brick. It will arrive via UPS around the same time that the brick is installed at Westcott Plaza.
You can contact the FSU Alumni Association at westcottbricks@fsu.edu or 850-644-2761 for information on finding your brick.
Due to the size of the brick, there is a 14 character limit per line. Depending on what other letters are used in that same line, the brick company can often fit one or two additional characters on a line. To inquire about a specific inscription, please send an e-mail to westcottbricks@fsu.edu with your request.