FSU Alumni Association

Volunteer Policy

As a club or chapter volunteer leader, you are an ambassador of the university. In order to maintain the reputation for professional excellence of the university and the alumni association, volunteer leaders are expected to display good judgment, diplomacy, and courtesy when dealing with alumni, friends of the university, and staff.

We ask that you adhere to the highest standards of personal and professional ethics. Please sign and date this form and return to your assigned staff member.

  1. Act in the best interests of the FSU Alumni Association (FSUAA) and in accordance with FSUAA policies and procedures.
  2. Interact with volunteers, staff, and other constituents in a responsible, respectful, and professional manner, and avoid any discriminatory or harassing behavior directed toward any of these persons.
  3. Refrain from publicly undermining in any way specific positions, policies or decisions officially approved and communicated by the FSUAA Board of Directors, FSUAA staff, or FSU.
  4. If you do not agree with an idea or action, present your concerns in an appropriate forum or to your FSUAA assigned staff liaison. 
  5. Avoid conflicts between private interests and club matters.
  6. As an always-identifiable representative, volunteers should be mindful of all communications (e-mails, print pieces, websites, and social media). All communications should remain informational/encouraging; offensive jokes and negative dialogue should never be passed along.
  7. Always serve as a positive representative and conduct yourself in an appropriate, professional manner.
  8. Use reasonable effort to protect and maintain confidential information shared with the club for official business (i.e. constituent data).
  9. Respect all official FSU trademarks and their intended uses, along with those of all other universities.
  10. Strive to create a positive and enjoyable experience for yourself, fellow board members, and your local alumni.

The success of Seminole Clubs and Chapters depends upon volunteers nationwide in a variety of roles. The FSUAA values its volunteers and works to create services and programs to support and enhance their involvement. However, volunteers of the FSUAA conducting themselves in a manner inconsistent with the Association’s mission, or this code, may be removed from their position.