FSU Alumni Association


Administration and Operations

Julie Decker Headshot

Julie Decker 

President and CEO


Julie began her service to FSU in November 2018. In her role, she has the privilege of serving the best alumni staff in the country as well as our almost 390,000 alumni around the world. She allegedly enjoys throwing pottery, photography, music and reading. Her favorite getaway spot is the beach when it’s not the mountains.
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Aimee Wirth

Director of Board and Executive Relations


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Before joining the Alumni team in 2014, Aimee gained a lot of experience working in FSU University Relations for 20+ years. Outside of work, Aimee enjoys wine, reading, coloring and spending time with her daughters and her husband – the order of which depends on the day.
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Marcus Nicolas

Director of Operations and Administration


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What does a television producer, high school teacher, college assistant professor and an associate dean all have in common? I am not sure either, but Marcus has served in each of those roles. After 13 years as an educator, he has been noted as a consummate negotiator, professional convener and strategic thinker – a set of skills perfect for bringing any team together. When he is not entertaining his wife and two children with random jokes and drum beats, he enjoys writing screenplays and eating barbeque.
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Adam Kabuka

Sr. Database Specialist


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Lily Soudijin Headshot

Lily Soudijin

Fiscal Specialist


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Lily is an incoming senior in FSU’s College of Business majoring in Real Estate and Management. As the first member of her family to attend FSU, Lily is passionate about the university’s rich history and traditions. During the sport seasons you can find her cheering on the Noles with her friends and family. After a few years of living in Tallahassee, Lily has acquainted herself with local coffee shops and nature spots that the city has to offer. When Lily is in her hometown of Bradenton, FL she enjoys being on the water, spending time with friends and family, and taking care of her cat, Gidget.
Kim Miller Headshot

Kim Miller

Executive Assistant


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Kim moved to Florida in 2008, the same year she started at the FSU Foundation. In 2010 she shifted to Westcott to assist the VP of University Advancement and now calls Alumni home. Kim hails from the Mountain State, West Virginia. She is married with three adult children and one beautiful granddaughter. As a three-time foster failure, she also stays very active with her 4 furry (dog) family members.
Francesca Pusateri Headshot

Nadine Long

Business Manager


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Nadine Long has been engaged in the field of public administration for more than two decades. She served as assistant to the public works director of her hometown, Marianna, Florida for many years before joining the FSU Facilities Design and Construction Office as a project administrator in 2018. Nadine is a proud FSU Alumnae, dedicated wife and mother of three adult children and seven godchildren ranging in age from 1-31. In her spare time, she loves watching movies with her husband Anthony, visiting with her mom, and cooking for family and friends.
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Arteisha Brown 

Administrative Specialist


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Arteisha Brown is a graduate student at the FSU College of Law pursuing a Juris Master’s degree in Employment Law and Human Resource Compliance. She graduated from FSU in 2021 and received her bachelor’s degree in Editing, Writing and Media with a minor in Humanities. In her spare time, Arteisha enjoys fitness, reading and writing, watching television and films, listening to music and spending time with her family.
Matthew Falzone Headshot

Matthew Falzone

Fiscal Specialist


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Born in the Philippines and raised in the D.C. area, Matthew is a student studying Finance in the College of Business at FSU. He joined the FSU Alumni Association as a Fiscal Specialist in March of 2022.




Lauren Schoenberger headshot

Lauren Schoenberger

Director of Communications


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Lauren joined the Alumni Association in 2021 as Director of Communications after serving as Director of Integrated Marketing at Tallahassee Community College. As a three-time alumna of Florida State University, it comes natural for Lauren to cheer on the Seminoles. She enjoys traveling when she can and has lived across the world in cities like San Francisco, London and Sydney, but loves to call Tallahassee home for her and her family.
Janecia Britt Headshot

Janecia Britt

Assistant Director of Communications & Editor-in-Chief, VIRES Magazine


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A proud graduate of Florida State University, Janecia is passionate about telling the stories of her alma mater. When not buried deep in magazines, you can find her baking treats, laughing at funny things on the internet and having game nights with friends.
Jessica Rosenthal Headshot

Jessica Rosenthal

Graphic Designer


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Jessica, a College of Fine Arts graduate, is an FSU trivia powerhouse since working in the university’s Sesquicentennial office upon graduation in 2001. As our graphic designer, Jessica strives to use garnet and gold as if they were the only two colors in the spectrum. When not on campus Jessica might be found hunting for treasures or starting art projects she doesn’t tend to finish.
Sarah Gray Headhsot

Sarah Gray Tinter

Communication and Digital Media Coordinator


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Sarah Tinter recently became a two-time graduate of Florida State after receiving her Master's Degree in Integrated Marketing & Communication. Sarah was born and raised in Ponte Vedra, FL and always supported the Gators until she saw the light in 2018 and chose FSU. She loves cheering on her Seminole sports teams, taking trips to the beach and has unfortunately participated in more than one TikTok dance. With the constant evolution of social media, Sarah is always ready to learn about and implement each platform's latest trends.
Francesca Pusateri Headshot

Harleigh Wiley

Media Specialist 


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Since moving to Tallahassee in 2011, Harleigh has grown to love not only the city but Florida State University. Having graduated in the summer of 2022, she is thrilled to now be working for her alma mater. When not at work you can find Harleigh baking, watching a classic rom-com, or spending time with her husband, family and friends.
Cortney Hamilton Headshot

Nia Michel

Communications Assistant


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A Nole since birth, Nia is a current senior at FSU studying Editing, writing and Media with a minor in Communications. A natural creative, she’s passionate about writing and the media industry at large. When she’s not writing, you can find Nia volunteering, practicing her cooking skills, or catching up on her favorite movies and shows.

Membership and Marketing


Renita Smith Headshot

Renita Smith

Director of Membership and Marketing


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A two-time graduate of Florida State, Renita has recently returned to her alma mater and is excited to join the Alumni Association team. In her spare time, she enjoys all things creative, including the arts, reading, media, great tv and her most recent passions – hand lettering and sketch notes.
Olivia Newsome Headshot

Olivia Newsome

Assistant Director of Membership & Marketing


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Olivia, a two-time graduate of Florida State, joined the Alumni Association in August 2021. She is a small-town Florida girl who came to FSU to pursue her degrees, while also meeting her now husband and becoming a military wife. Olivia enjoys all things home-renovation, outdoors, Target, and analytical. If she isn’t at an FSU game or on campus, she is with her dog Luke (a Collie that looks like Lassie), starting a home renovation, traveling wherever she can get a cheap plane ticket to, at Target, or at a coffee shop-preferably Lucky Goat.

Programs and Outreach


Whitney Powers Headshot

Whitney Powers

Director of Alumni Programs and Outreach


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Whitney has been managing the Alumni Association’s events since 2010, creating gatherings for alumni all around the world. She’s a Florida panhandle native who enjoys all things Florida, especially sunshine, the beach and camping at local state parks with her daughter (class of 2034) and husband.
Lindsey Alligood Headshot

Lindsey Alligood

Assistant Director of Alumni Networks


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Lindsey, a Florida State alumna, joined the Alumni Association team in 2019, after working at the FSU Foundation for two and a half years. As a graduate of the College of Fine Arts and art enthusiast, you can catch her at almost any gallery and museum opening in Tallahassee. Lindsey also enjoys exploring state parks and listening to true crime podcasts—usually not at the same time.
Joanna White Headshot

Joanna White

Assistant Director of Programs, Scholarships & Awards


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Joanna White, a Tallahassee native and Florida State Graduate School alumna (M.S ’13), began serving the university in August of 2018 (a week before the home opener for the 2018 FSU Football season – talk about a hands on orientation!) prior to joining the Alumni team in July of 2021. She enjoys the outdoors, especially if it involves a beach or a boat, and spending time with her friends and family.
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Kevin Costello

Student and Alumni Engagement Coordinator


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Hailing from Safety Harbor, Florida, Kevin is a two-time graduate of Florida State University. After achieving his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Marketing in 2021, he graduated with his Master’s in Sport Management just one year later. On the weekends, you can find Kevin cheering on Tampa Bay Sports teams, as well as his favorite motorsports icons from racing series around the world. On a nice day outside, there's a good chance you'll find him at Tom Brown Park mastering his disc golf skills.

Seminole Clubs and Chapters


Cortney Hamilton Headshot

Cortney Hamilton

Seminole Clubs Graduate Assistant


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Cortney Hamilton is currently completing her first semester in the Integrated Marketing Communications Master's program. Having completed her undergraduate degree at FSU in Media Communication Studies, she is passionate about all things Seminoles. Originally from West Virginia, Cortney enjoys hiking, seeing family, and taking care of my dog, Percy.