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One of the ways the FSU Alumni Association serves our alumni is to share the views and opinions of our fellow Seminoles with university administration. We encourage all alumni to share feedback, comments or questions about Florida State University or a recent interaction with the FSU Alumni Association with us online. Contact information is not required on this online form, however, if provided it may be shared with university staff to facilitate further discussion of a specific topic.

General Questions alumni@fsu.edu 850.644.2761
Membership Inquiries memberships@alumni.fsu.edu 850.644.2761  
Travel Inquiries travel@alumni.fsu.edu 850.644.2761  
Gift Processing Inquiries o.newsome@fsu.edu 850.645.9382
Student Alumni Association & Student Memberships saa@fsu.edu 850.644.2761
Seminole Clubs® and Chapters alumni@fsu.edu 850.644.2298
Westcott Brick Program westcottbricks@fsu.edu 850.644.2761
Events events@alumni.fsu.edu 850.644.2761
Facility Rental facilities@alumni.fsu.edu 850.645.9255

Administration and Operations

Julie Decker Headshot

Julie Decker 

President and CEO


Julie began her service to FSU in November 2018. In her role, she has the privilege of serving the best alumni staff in the country as well as our 370,000 alumni around the world. She allegedly enjoys throwing pottery, photography, music, and reading. Her favorite getaway spot is the beach when it’s not the mountains.
Aimee Wirth Headshot

Aimee Wirth

Director of Board and Executive Relations


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Before joining the Alumni team in 2014, Aimee gained a lot of experience working in FSU University Relations for 20+ years. Outside of work, Aimee enjoys wine, reading, coloring, and spending time with her daughters and her husband – the order of which depends on the day.
Marcus Nicolas Headshot

Marcus Nicolas

Director of Operations and Administration


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What does a television producer, high school teacher, college assistant professor and an associate dean all have in common? I am not sure either, but Marcus has served in each of those roles. After 13 years as an educator, he has been noted as a consummate negotiator, professional convener and strategic thinker – a set of skills perfect for bringing any team together. When he is not entertaining his wife and two children with random jokes and drum beats, he enjoys writing screenplays and eating barbeque.
Silhouette of headshot

Adam Kabuka

Sr. Database Specialist


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Adam has worked as the Database Specialist at the FSU Alumni Association since 2015.
Eliza Knight Headshot

Eliza Knight

OPS Fiscal Specialist


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Coming Soon.
Olivia Newsome Headshot

Olivia Newsome

Gift Processing Coordinator


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Olivia, a two-time graduate of Florida State, joined the Alumni Association in August 2021. She is a small-town Florida girl who came to FSU to pursue her degrees, while also meeting her now husband and becoming a military wife. Olivia enjoys all things home-renovation, outdoors, Target, and analytical. If she isn’t at an FSU game or on campus, she is with her dog Luke (a Collie that looks like Lassie), starting a home renovation, traveling wherever she can get a cheap plane ticket to, at Target, or at a coffee shop-preferably Lucky Goat.
Nadine Long headshot

Nadine Long

Business Manager


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Nadine Long has been engaged in the field of public administration for more than two decades. She served as assistant to the public works director of her hometown, Marianna, Florida for many years before joining the FSU Facilities Design and Construction Office as a project administrator in 2018. As a proud FSU alumna, Nadine is excited about her current role with the Alumni Association. She is a dedicated wife and mother of three adult children and seven Godchildren ranging in age from 1-31. In her spare time, she loves watching movies with her husband, Anthony, visiting with her mom, and cooking for family and friends.
Alexa Roddenberry Headshot

Alexa Roddenberry

Administrative Specialist


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Alexa was born and raised in Crawfordville, Florida by two FSU Alumni! She received her degree in Theatre and Humanities from Florida State in 2020 and is so happy to be back at FSU not only working for the Alumni Association, but also receiving her master's degree in English Education. In her spare time, you can find Alexa participating in a local community theatre production or enjoying a nice book with a cup of coffee and her cat.

Marketing and Communications

Lauren Schoenberger headshot

Lauren Schoenberger

Director of Communications


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Lauren joined the Alumni Association in 2021 as Director of Communications after serving as Director of Integrated Marketing at Tallahassee Community College. As a three-time alumna of Florida State University, it comes natural for Lauren to cheer on the Seminoles. She enjoys traveling when she can and has lived across the world in cities like San Francisco, London, and Sydney, but loves to call Tallahassee home for her and her family.
Janecia Britt Headshot

Janecia Britt

Assistant Director of Communications & Editor-in-Chief, VIRES Magazine


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A military brat born in Keflavik, Iceland, Janecia still considers herself a Florida native, having lived in Central Florida for most of her life. An alumna of FSU and a proud former Lady Spirithunter, she's passionate about telling the stories of her alma mater. She is also proud to say that every single one of her close friends are FSU alumni. When not buried deep in magazines, you can find her baking treats, laughing at funny things on the internet, failing at her two-person book club, and having charcuterie nights with friends.
Jessica Rosenthal Headshot

Jessica Rosenthal

Graphic Designer


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Jessica, a College of Fine Arts graduate, is an FSU trivia powerhouse since working in the university’s Sesquicentennial office upon graduation in 2001. As our graphic designer, Jessica strives to use garnet and gold as if they were the only two colors in the spectrum. When not on campus Jessica might be found hunting for treasures or starting art projects she doesn’t tend to finish.
Sarah Gray Headhsot

Sarah Gray

Communication and Digital Media Coordinator


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Sarah Gray is a recent graduate of Florida State who is pursuing her Master’s Degree in Integrated Marketing & Communication.Sarah was born and raised in Ponte Vedra, FL and always supported the Gators until she saw the light in 2018 and chose FSU. She loves cheering on her Seminole sports teams, taking trips to the beach, and has unfortunately participated in more than one TikTok dance. With the constant evolution of social media, Sarah is always ready to learn about and implement each platform's latest trends.
Isabell Wolsky Headshot

Isabell Wolsky

Digital Marketing & Web Specialist


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A true Bay Stater through and through, Isabell moved to Tallahassee to pursue her degree at Florida State, join the Lady Spirithunters, and escape the never-ending cold. Outside of FSU, she considers herself to be a Disney know-it-all. Isabell works out of Charlotte, North Carolina, and when she isn't trying out a new restaurant, you can find her binge-watching all of her favorite television shows or cheering on her favorite teams.

Membership and Business Development

Renita Smith Headshot

Renita Smith

Director of Membership and Marketing


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A two-time graduate of Florida State, Renita has recently returned to her alma mater and is excited to join the Alumni Association team. In her spare time, she enjoys all things creative, including the arts, reading, media, great tv and her most recent passions – hand lettering and sketch notes.
Brooke Robinson Headshot

Brooke Robinson

Assistant Director of Membership


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Brooke is so excited to be in the Sunshine State. After growing up and spending most of her life in Pennsylvania, she is ready for some sunshine and Florida beaches. As a very passionate Penn State alumni, Brooke cannot wait to also bleed Garnet and Gold and help grow the Seminole family! In her free time, Brooke is a fitness junkie and can be found at a spin class any time of the day. She cannot wait to explore Tallahassee with her (fur)son Duke!
Scott Gerber Headshot

Scott Gerber

Assistant Director of Membership


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Scotty has been a part of the Alumni Association team since 2018. Upon graduating from Florida State, he realized he had only been to five states. In an effort to change that he and his wife travel and visit new places any chance they get. On the weekends you will find him at the FSU game, doing yard work, or enjoying a delicious burger.

Programs and Outreach

Whitney Powers Headshot

Whitney Powers

Director of Alumni Programs and Outreach


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Whitney has been managing the Alumni Association’s events since 2010, creating gatherings for alumni all around the world. She’s a Florida panhandle native who enjoys all things Florida, especially sunshine, the beach and camping at local state parks with her daughter (class of 2034) and husband.
Lindsey Alligood Headshot

Lindsey Alligood

Assistant Director of Alumni Networks


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Lindsey, a Florida State alumna, joined the Alumni Association team in 2019, after working at the FSU Foundation for two and a half years. As a graduate of the College of Fine Arts and art enthusiast, you can catch her at almost any gallery and museum opening in Tallahassee. Lindsey also enjoys exploring state parks and listening to true crime podcasts—usually not at the same time.
Joanna White Headshot

Joanna White

Assistant Director of Programs, Scholarships & Awards


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Joanna White, a Tallahassee native and Florida State Graduate School alumna (M.S ’13), began serving the university in August of 2018 (a week before the home opener for the 2018 FSU Football season – talk about a hands on orientation!) prior to joining the Alumni team in July of 2021. She enjoys the outdoors, especially if it involves a beach or a boat, and spending time with her friends and family.
Elyssa Brooks Headshot

Elyssa Brooks

Special Events Coordinator


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Born and raised in Jacksonville, Elyssa has been coordinating events in both her professional life and her personal life for as long as she can remember. She earned her degree in hospitality from Florida State (B.S. ’19) and is so excited to be back on campus planning events for her fellow alumni. When not in the office or onsite at an event, you can find Elyssa performing in local musical theatre productions or trying to pick up a new hobby at the craft store.

Seminole Clubs and Chapters

Keith Cottrell Headshot

Keith Cottrell

Director of Clubs


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Keith, a two-time graduate from Florida State, is the fearless leader of the Seminole Clubs and Chapters team. A 4-year starter on the Seminole football team, he has yet to meet a plate of barbeque he couldn’t finish. A true guy’s guy, Keith was recently blessed with the challenge of two twin baby girls.
Francesca Pusateri Headshot

Francesca Pusateri

Seminole Clubs Accounting Specialist


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Francesca is a Spring 2021 graduate of Florida State University receiving a Bachelor's degree in Finance with a minor in Mathematics. She joined the Gift Processing team in December of 2019 after previously working at the FSU Bookstore and the White Sox Baseball Stadium in her hometown, Chicago. She is excited to now be on the Seminole Clubs and Chapters team! In her free time, she enjoys the warm weather by taking her Pomeranian Husky, Cash, to the park and listening to country music!