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Circle of Gold

Circle of Gold:

The FSU Alumni Association’s Circle of Gold recognizes worthy individuals who, through their service and achievements, personify the university’s tradition of excellence. It is given to those alumni and/or friends of FSU who, through their dedication and loyalty to the University, exemplifies the Alumni Association’s core values of Tradition, Leadership, Family, Spirit and Greatness. 

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Circle of Gold Award

2022 Honorees will be recognized at the Annual Alumni Awards Gala in Fall 2022. 

Process: A committee appointed by the Alumni Association National Board of Directors select the recipients of the Circle of Gold. Each year’s recipients are notified upon approval of the Awards Committee in June each year. If a nominee is not selected in a particular year, he/she may be re-nominated in succeeding years. Self-nominations will not be considered. Exceptional nominations for non-degreed friends of Florida State University will be considered.

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Please join us in congratulating our 2021 Circle of Gold honorees.


Austin Headshot


Kenneth M. Austin (B.S. ’75, M.P.A. ’79) Social Sciences & Public Policy

Lifetime member of the FSU Alumni Association and first Black alumnus to serve on the FSU Alumni Association National Board of Directors; as a student enrolled in the Horizons Unlimited Program and earned a spot on the FSU Men’s Basketball team as a non-scholarship walk-on; an original member of the FSU Speech Choir and an active member of the FSU Black Student Union; active and on-going service to the FSU BA and an integral member of the planning committee for the 50th Anniversary Celebration of FSU Integration.

Tallahassee, FL





Lee Headshot


James “Jim” Lee (B.S. ’71) Arts & Sciences

Lifetime member of the FSU Alumni Association and current Chair of the Division of Undergraduate Studies Development Council; was a member of Phi Kappa Phi Honors Society, Phi Beta Kappa Honors Society, the Honors Program and Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity; has endowed two scholarships, funds a Presidential Scholars award and is a presidential scholar ambassador.

Destin, FL




Wiegand Headshot


Scott Wiegand (B.M. ’90) Arts & Sciences

Lifetime member of the FSU Alumni Association and current Chair for the FSU Alumni Association National Board of Directors; he earned a bachelor’s degree in music, graduating magna cum laude while also minoring in law and society and was a member of Phi Beta Kappa Honors Society; a major donor to the University, he truly gives of his time, talent, and treasure.

Denver, CO





Young Headshot


Marilyn J. Young (B.A. ’64) Communication and Information

Lifetime member of the FSU Alumni Association and recipient of multiple awards and honors from across campus; serves as Parliamentarian of the Faculty Senate since 2008; served on the Torch Awards Committee, Athletic Board, and Faculty Senate Steering Committee; established an endowment for Intercollegiate Debate and continues to serve the FSU Debate Team in multiple ways including the organization of reunions where she encourages former debaters as far back as the ‘50’s to return to campus.

Tallahassee, FL






Kenneth M. Austin (B.S. ’75, M.P.A. ’79)


James “Jim” Lee (B.S. ’71)


Scott Wiegand (B.M. ’90)


Marilyn J. Young (B.A. ’64)


Circle of Gold Members

Lawrence G. Abele
Jean Accius  
Michele Adair  
Robert L. Akers
Ruth Ruggles Akers  
Sam Ambrose  
Mickey Andrews
James Apthorp
Florence Ashby (B.A. '57)
Donna Lou Askew  
Reubin O'D. Askew  
Kathy Atkins-Gunter
Scott F. Atwell
Dubose Ausley
Lucy M. Baer
Chip Baker
Robert L. Bannerman 
Charles Barnes
Eric Barron
Molly Barron
Cheryl S. Beckert
Allan Bense
B. Dan Berger  
Margo Bindhardt 
Bruce Blackwell
Gordon Blackwell 
Bobby Bowden
F. Allen Boyd
Dennis O. Boyle 
Sue Chaires Boynton 
Rod Brim 
Richard Brinson 
Derrick D. Brooks
Steve Brown
Yvonne Brown
Edd Burr  
Joseph L. Camps, Jr.
John Carnaghi 
Robert T. Carnes
Milton S. Carothers 
Keith Carr  
Max Carraway
Ken Cashin
John Champion 
Mary Champion 
Bridget Chandler
Jim Clark
Billy Close  
David Coburn
Mary Coburn
Lee Corso
Raymond Cottrell
Stella Cottrell  
Marie Cowart
John Crowe  
Benjamin Crump  
Alicia Crew  
John Dailey
Talbot D'Alemberte 
Kathleen Daly  
Hugo de Beaubien
Gene Deckerhoff
Ron Diamond
Carl Domino
Kyle Doney
J.D. Doughney  
Warrick D. Dunn
Allen Durham
Hugh Durham  
William M. Durham, Jr.
Donald L. Eddings
Mark Edenfield  
Steve Edwards 
Julie Dunn Eichenberg  
Charles W. Ehrhardt
Gerald Ensley  
Diane Ervin  
N. Frank Fain 
Richard Fallon 
Ray Fielding 
Mary Celia Diamond Findley 
Janice Finney 
Daisy Parker Flory 
Doby Flowers  
Robert O. Fohl 
David B. Ford 
Paula Fortunas
Grace I. Fox 
Billy Francis  
Eric Friall (B.A. '90)
Davis Gaines
Gordon Gaster
Donald Gifford 
Jim Gladden  
Thomas O. Goldsworthy
JoAnne Graf
Ritesh Gupta  
W. Andy Haggard
Odell Haggins  
Charles D. Hall 
Marty Hall
Sue D. Hall
Anne Hamilton
Tom C. Haney
Tonya Harris  
Betty Lewis Harrison
Doug Henderson
Sherman Henderson
Linda A. Henning
Charles K. Hill
Jeffrey L. Hill
Louis Hill 
Mart Pierson Hill
Mark Hillis
Nan C. Hillis
Cliff Hinkle 
Lee F. Hinkle
Lucy Ho
Ronald H. Hobbs
Katherine Blood Hoffman 
John Wayne Hogan
Pat Hogan
Gordon Holder
Robert Holton
Jim Horne
Wiley L. Housewright 
Mary Parker Hutchinson 
Thomas V. Hynes
Christopher Iansiti  
Cassandra Jenkins
Connie E. Jenkins-Pye
Betty Lou Whittle Joanos
James E. Joanos
Bo Johnson
Garrett Johnson
Sen. Robert M. Johnson
Terry A. Johnson 
Sandy Johnson
Jim Jones 
J. Lester Kaney
Sally Karioth
Lynda Keever
Jim E. King, Jr. 
Jim E. Kirk, Jr.
Maury Kolchakian
Jeff Kottkamp
Christopher L. Kraft
Jerry Kutz  
George Langford 
Lawton Langford
Karen Laughlin  
Ryals Lee, Jr.
Dale W. Lick
Marilyn Lick
E. G. "Lites" Lightsey
David Lyons
Craig Lynch
Charlotte Maguire
Michael C. Mallardi 
Douglas Mannheimer
John Marks
J. Stanley Marshall
Shirley Marshall
Mike Martin
Melquiades Martinez
Sarah Lewis Marxsen 
Walter Massey
Jack McCoy
Susan McHenry
Donna McHugh
John McKay
Jane Meigs
James H. Melton
Andy Miller
James L. Miller
David D. Mobley, Jr.
Bill Montford  
Devoe Moore
Guy Moore
Shirley Moore
W. Russell Morcom
Mabel Jean Morrison 
Frank Murphy
Mary Lou Norwood 
Joe Nosari 
Max Oligario
Joe O'Shea
Joel Padgett  
Barbara J. Palmer
Patsy Palmer
Mary Pankowski  
Les Pantin, Jr.
William M. Parker
Judy Pate  
Mike Pate
Steve Pattison
Durrell Peaden, Jr.
Bob Perrone
Thomas F. Petway, III
L. Gregg Phifer 
Sean Pittman
James E. Pitts
Ricky Polston
Melvin L. Pope, Jr.
Mina Jo Powell 
Bill Proctor
Sherry Quarello
Sandra Rackley
Sherrill Ragans
Jay Rayburn
Steve Reilly
Burt Reynolds 
Laurel Richardson
Ron Richmond
James A. Risignio
John Rivers (B.S. '89)
John Roberge
Avery Roberts
Myron Rolle  
Wilma Rosenbloom
Wayne Rubinas
Leo Sandon
Winston Scott
Sue Semrau
William Sexton  
Bernard F. Sliger 
Greta Sliger
Ray Solomon 
Billy Smith 
C. David Smith
James C. Smith
Patricia J. Smith
Paula P. Smith
Godfrey Smith 
Ron Smith
William G. Smith, Jr.
Jesse Solomon
Delores Spearman
Guy Spearman
Beverly B. Spencer 
Gordon Sprague
Gus A. Stavros
Gene Stearns
Betty Steffens
Brian Swain  
Mary Ann Stiles
Melvin Stith
Don Stone
Janet Stoner
June F. Strauss 
Larry O. Strom
Alan C. Sundberg 
William A. Tanner
Hans W. Tews
Norman Thagard
John Thrasher
Jean Thrasher
Rosa Lee Tomberlin
Cynthia S. Tunnicliff
Nancy Turner
Pearl Tyner 
Kenza vanAssenderp
Don Veller 
Kathleen A. Villacorta
Thomas A. Waits
Gene Walden
Gary Walsingham
Charlie Ward  
Thomas A. Warren
Don Weidner
Dave Westberry  
T. K. Wetherell
Ginger Wetherell
Jesse Wexler  
Dorothy Whittle
Thomas L. Williams, III 
Gary Wilson  
Stephen S. Winters 
Thomas M. Woodruff
Thomas G. Wright 
Max Zahn  
Mark Zeigler


Bold denotes Bernard F. Sliger Award recipient

  denotes video is available